Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Why am I getting a black, gray or white screen when I load Money.Net "in-browser"?

2. Why am I not getting any data on Money.Net, but the symbols show?

3. When I click on the "Launch" button for Money.Net, nothing happens. Why?

4. Can the data on Money.Net be exported or transferred into a spreadsheet, like Excel?

5. Can I make Money.Net run on my Macintosh?

6. Can I make Money.Net run on my iPhone, iPad or Android mobile devices?

7. Can I load multiple live quote portfolios and watchlists in one view?

8. Can I have some examples of common indices to track?

9. Can I still browse the Internet or trade from my web browser when Money.Net is launched "in-browser"?

10. How can I print my portfolio from Money.Net?

11. How do I enter a blank row into Money.Net so that two symbols are separated?

12. What is an "Option Chain"?

13. How do I enter an option quote?

14. How do I sort columns in Money.Net?

15. How do I stop my symbols from changing positions or jumping around on the page?

16. What are the suggested minimum system requirements?

17. How do I enter a cost basis, the amount of shares or alerts on a particular stock?

18. How do I add or rename portfolio lists to Money.Net?

19. How do I input a new column or data field into Money.Net?

20. How do I enter short sales into Money.Net?

21. How do I change my billing information?

22. How do I move columns or symbols from one position to another in Money.Net?

23. Can I load a few features from Money.Net simultaneously?

24. How do I resize a column or data field?

25. How do I change the font size or color preferences in Money.Net?

26. What symbols are available?

27. How many views/modules/portfolios/stocks can I have at once?