Estate Planning

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The Most Complete Platform to Create & Maintain Estate & Inheritance Plan you can offer your clients

What is an estate plan?

A set of legal documents which outline how an individual’s assets will be managed if they become incapacitated (i.e., unable to manage your own assets after an illness or injury) or pass away. Most Estate Plans consist of a Will or Trust, a Durable Power of Attorney, a Healthcare Power of Attorney, and a guardianship designation if you have minor children. 

Why Do Your Client’s Need One?

Without a plan, a court may decide on the distribution of assets. Client’s estates can be tied up in lengthy and expensive probate processes with no access to funds for months or years. Probate also includes a review of assets to determine the inheritors. In some states, Probate may be expedited if the value of the estate is below a certain level. Either way, having a legally-valid estate plan can help your client’s benefactors avoid this frustration.

Why should you offer this service to your clients?

Financial planning should take all stages of a client’s life into account.  As decisions are made around asset allocation, investment strategy and tax planning, it becomes more important to understand how it all affects your client’s estate plan and impacts their remaining family members.  

  • Offering this service as part of a full service investment and planning engagement allows your clients to feel comfortable that there is a holistic view across all aspects of their financial heath and  wealth management strategy. 
  • Removes the need to provide redundant information to another service or estate planning attorney to recreate the financial picture that has been so carefully prepared with you.  
  • Adding this Co-Branded solution provides increased engagement through value added services.

Easier for both you and the investor to maintain the Inheritance plan

In life, one thing is constant – change! Marriages, divorce, births and deaths are all times when you will want to relook at your client’s estate plan. You can easily make changes to any of your important documents at any time….with 24/7 access, make changes on your time.  The integration with’s TAMP services, an in house platform or third-party Asset Management system, makes it easy to update significant changes to the individual’s financial picture in real-time if necessary.