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Money.Net is competitively priced at $150 per month for Non-Professionals and includes real time data for NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ and OPRA. Ask us about corporate rates and prepaid annual subscriptions
Trading Professionals registered with FINRA , the SEC or CFTC or engaging in any type of Investment advice, or employed by a bank, or any other financial organization, may be subject to Professional Exchange fees in addition to your monthly Platform price. Real time data for NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, via the BATS exchange are included in the Platform price. Alternatively, you can select data directly from the exchange - the fees are NYSE $45, NASDAQ $23, AMEX $23, OTC Markets $30, and OPRA $30.50 (you can subscribe to these individually). Other global equity, futures and options exchanges are also available. Click here to inquire.


You can sign up for a free 14 day trial here. No credit card is required for a trial. Just enter your email address and you will be sent a password. If you don't wish to continue on the platform, then the trial will expire automatically.
Global all asset class coverage
Money.Net provides an all asset class global coverage. Our terminals bring you global equity markets, portfolio tools, institutional holdings data, analyst estimates, excel historical data and fundamentals. Talk to clients via our chats, download and share portfolios, customize ticker lists and chart markets. All with the power of the most modern financial tools. in excel
Money.Net is one product, one price, including a web version, desktop access, mobile version and excel version of our terminals. Our excel suite of tools allow most institutional banks, hedge funds, and investment firms to access deep analytics and global all asset class fundamental data. From intra-day, historical to real time streaming data on assets, Money.Net excel integration allows users to create spreadsheets, and use our template libraries and portfolio analytics tools to power their business or research. Excel works independently from our terminals eliminating strict download limits. See more at
Charting tools
Money.Net provides sophisticated charting tools that enable traders and investors to customize charts, time frames, add hundreds of technical indicators and export their data. Customize colors, chart types from renko to area chart types, add technical indicators and overlays, see events on charts. Find pre and post market charts, add tools from fibonaccis to excel CSV exporting. Money.Net also provides chart pattern recognition tools, chart spreads, company chart and fundamental comparisons tools and more!
In depth analytics
Money.Net is the most modern financial workstation providing new technology and analytical tools. From time and sales charts and VWAP monitors to top stock mover information, bid and ask price visualization, stock comparison modules with adjustable data fields; put all your portfolio into Money.Net and see the markets come alive!
Real time newsfeeds, squawk and tv
News moves the markets. Money.Net not only provides thousands of real time feeds from most global financial websites, we also bundle in premium feeds from top newswires at no extra cost. Create multiple newsrooms focusing on multiple keywords, use our smart auto complete search tools, run our Speed Desk news that allows traders to see all premium content in real time, listen to our Live Squawk service and create video based alerts in our innovative TV Clipster. Find historical news in excel and create custom news feeds for your portfolios. See more at
Commodities and futures
From the largest oil trading firms to commodities brokerages, Money.Net's commodities coverage is widely used. See energy, agriculture, metals markets, find futures spreads, chain, options on futures contracts, analyze OPEC, Baker Hughes, DOE numbers in excel and custom create spreadsheets with intra day, real time and historical data. Money.Net provides global oil maps to track news events and bring custom commodities news feeds to a world wide user base!
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  • Monitor markets and economy
  • Find & evaluate
  • Trade/investment ideas
  • Mark books & check trades
  • Financial modelling
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Comparables analysis
  • Supply and demand modelling
  • Stock screening
  • ETF and mutual fund screening
  • Security analysis
  • Market visuals for presentations
  • Real time market quotes
  • Streaming breaking market
  • Moving news
  • Fundamental data
  • Economic data & calendars
  • Charts
  • Portfolio analytics
  • Equity and ETF screeners
  • Multi platform (desktop, excel, mobile)
  • Squawk box
  • Chat, collaborate, share screens
  • Alerts on prices, news, economic releases
  • Desktop
  • Excel Integration
  • Mobile apps
  • Pre-canned layouts
  • Fully customizable
  • Equities
  • Commodities
  • FX
  • Fixed income
  • Derivatives/options
  • Reference data
  • Economic data
  • Live chat
  • Phone
  • Email
  • In person/online demos
  • Custom spreadsheet conversion
  • Custom screen building

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